Computational Physics subgroup Graduate Student list
Main supervisor: Yoon Tiem Leong

Ph. D students (current)

Alhiassah Saleh Irsheid Saleh. Title: Measurement of Nano-wetting Phenomena of Lennard-Jones Droplets on Spherical Surfaces via Molecular Dynamics Simulation


Ex-graduate student(s) (graduated)

15. Koh Pin Wai (Ph.D., 2021) Title: First-principles study of the structural, stability and electronic properties of small aluminum-titanium-nickel clusters


14. Muhammad Rabie Bin Omar (Ph.D., 2020) Title: TRIMON: An efficient multigroup Monte Carlo neutron transport code for TRIGA reactors


13. Baharak Mehrdel* (Ph.D., 2019) Title: Empirical modelling and experimental investigation on absorption spectra of colloidal metal nanoparticles and quantum dots suspended in ionic surrounding media


12. Lian Ming Huei (Ph.D., 2019) Title: Ground state structures of small boron and boron-carbon clusters via density functional tight binding and density functional theory


11. Siti Harwani Binti Md Yusoff (Ph.D., 2018) Title: Development of a FDTD simulation of ionosphere propagation for earthquake precursor over the Sumatera-Malaysia region


10. Pauline Yew* (Ph.D., 2018) Title: Infrared Dielectric Characteristics of Binary and Ternary III-Nitrides Heterostructures


9. Lee Thong Yan (Ph.D., 2018) Title: Molecular Dynamics Studies of the Annealing of Carbon Peapods


8. Min Tjun Kit (M.Sc., 2018) Title: Molecular dynamics simulation of thermal processes for selected nano-structures


7. Yusuf Zuntu* (Ph.D., 2018) Title: Ab-initio investigation of structural, electronic, and adsorption properties of graphitic carbon nitride sheet with embedded transition metal Mn and Fe atoms


6. Ong Yee Ping (M.Sc., 2018Title: Thermal properties and ground-state structures of pure and alloy nanoclusters via molecular dynamics simulation


5. Robin Chang Yee Hui (Ph.D., 2017Title: Material design of III-nitride ternary via first principles calculations


4. Soon Yee Yeen (M.Sc., 2017). Title: Structural and magnetic properties of rhodium clusters


3. Goh Eong Sheng (M.Sc., 2017). Title: First-principles study of structural and response properties of barium titanate phases


2. Ng Wei Chun (M.Sc., 2016). Title: Energetics, thermal and structural properties of hafnium clusters via molecular dynamics simulation


1. Goh Wen Fong (M.Sc., 2013). Title: Study of Strontium Titanate and Barium Zirconate Properties Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation


* Yoon Tiem Leong as co-supervisor